Words of Thanks

"Thanks Bethel Park for allowing us to use your facilities for our youth group fall retreat. Your facilities were perfect for us, and we had an incredible time and Jesus touched the lives of many kids – including some accepting Christ for the first time!

The youth that are part of our group mostly don’t come from Christian homes. They are all fairly new Christians and their parents don’t support them going to retreats like this, so it’s important for us to keep our costs down. The church itself is also quite small and most of the attendees are young adults, therefore, it also doesn’t have the financial  means to subsidize a trip to an expensive resort. The cost of the camp is very reasonable. It’s less expensive than some other camps because the cabins aren’t “hotel” style (e.g. they don’t have bathrooms in them) so they are less expensive to rent, but totally adequate for our group which does not have financial means to stay at an expensive camp.

The facilities at your camp are perfect. The bathrooms always had hot water and were clean. The cluster cabins were also very clean, warm and comfortable. They were perfect for our group because they accommodated so many students and leaders in one building. We were able to have counselors right in the cabins with the students. For our services we rented the Kids Pavilion, and the space was perfect for our group size (about 35 in total).
The groundskeeper always does an amazing job for us – he turns on the heat in the cabins before we get there, and he’s always around when we need him. Any time we have questions or need to borrow something he’s always there. He’s also great at keeping our group in-line and making sure we don’t do anything silly  – for e.g. making sure our bonfires don’t get out of control! We had access to the shed to use some of the sports equipment which made a big difference because we were able to do organized sports.

We had an amazing time and the lives of young people were changed that weekend – and the change has lasted! We’ve started a Discipleship group since then,  and kids are really getting into reading their Bible, and turning their lives around. We’ve also grown closer as a group. Students are freely sharing their hurts and dreams with leaders, and the students are encouraging each other to grow in Christ - real relationships were formed.

Thanks again for having us! Many blessing to you and all those that support Bethel Camp.

Cindy Mielke
Youth Leader and retreat organizer
24/7 Church