Donations and Fees

Cabin Taxes and Fees; Donations

Cabin Taxes and Fees Options:
Bethel Park is capable of processing your cabin tax and fee payments electronically using  e-transfers or PayPal. If you choose the e-transfer option, please use the email: Your security question can be:  “the address of my cabin”.  Thus the password being the answer to that question. If you choose the PayPal option,  please add an additional $ 20 to your tax and fee amount which pays the majority of the cost to provide you with this option for payment. As you know, Bethel Park is a Charitable Not for Profit organization and for this reason we feel it is our responsibility to be good stewards in managing our finances. We trust that you understand this service requires us to pay some fees and agree to take on some of those fees if you choose this option.

Donation Options:

  1. We have a donation link on our website that allows you to donate directly to Bethel Park through
    If you are interested in supporting us in this way you will find that link at the bottom of the website where you can donate any chosen amount;
  2. You can use e-transfers.  Email address to use is; OR
  3. You can get set up for automatic bank withdrawal.  Please email for further instructions.

All donations received totaling $20 or more for that year, will be receipted for Income Tax purposes at the end of the calendar year. If you would like a donation receipt for Income Tax purposes, please either complete a Bethel Park offering envelope and neatly print your name and complete postal address or send your information to