Youth Camp

Bethel Youth Camp is for students who are entering Grade 8 and are able to attend until the victory lap of Grade 12 (the former Grade 13) and/or the first year of university or college.


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We are beyond pleased to be back, better then ever, this year after two years of the dreaded interruptions by covid.  If you are like us, you may have wished to have had the ability to press the ‘rewind button’ and rewind to a time where we would not need to worry about program or youth camp cancelations.  So logically, we decided that our theme for this year will be ‘Rewind’.   What better way to launch this theme by having Chris Chase come back and speak to us.  Chris Chase is a professor at Masters Bible College and is a very gifted speaker impacting and equipping youth to live a life rooted in a foundation built on the example of Christ.  

You definitely won’t want to miss this years camp.  We anticipate a very large interest for the limited spaces we have for this years camp.  Please register early to ensure your teenager will have a spot.

Check back often for the launch of registrations (beginning of May 2023)