Rentals & Retreats

Bethel Park is a private camp and accommodations are rented out to church groups and to guests that are coming to participate in camp events. The following rental accommodations are available at Bethel Park Camp:

Rental Inquiry form: Click to Download

Please read our Principles & Policies

Description of our Rentals

  • To rent accommodations, please call 226-964-2275 or email
  • Rentals are available May 15 – September 30. (The month of July is not available.)

Pets are not allowed in any Camp owned cottages or buildings (with the exception of a service animal/guide dog required by people with disabilities).

A Cottage and Trailer Inquiry form and accommodation overview can be found here

Principles and Policies

  1. All Renters and Guests must abide by these Principles and Policies.
  2. Safety First must to be practiced at all times. First Aid, emergency plans for evacuation and medical emergencies are the responsibility of the Individual/Family renting facilities at Bethel Park Camp.  Bethel Park Camp has in place a Siren/Emergency warning system located in the office, with clear operating instructions. 
  3. Bonfires require special permission from the camp representative.
  4. The speed limit for all vehicles is 8 km/hour in the camp.
  5. Parking in designated areas only.
  6. Garbage should be taken to the bins located across from the soccer field.  DO NOT leave any garbage outside.
  7. Curfew: (indoors) by 12:00 midnight.  Noise Curfew: is 11:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.
  8. Bethel Park Camp is an alcohol-free and smoke-free environment.
  9. Hunting and target practice is prohibited.
  10. Pets in privately-owned cottages or campsites must be quiet, indoors or on a leash and under control at all times. All pet waste must be cleaned up immediately and placed in an appropriately sealed garbage container.  Due to allergies, pets are not allowed in any owned cottages or buildings with the exception of a service animal/guide dog required by people with disabilities.
  11. Cottage Owners and registered guests and campers must take full responsibility for all children in their care who are under the age of 18.  
  12. Recreational activities are restricted during church services.
  13. A modest dress code in keeping with Christian Principles to be observed.
  14. Bethel Park Camp is not responsible for personal injury or loss, or damage to private property or personal belongings.
  15. All renters and guests must understand that this is a Christian camp and that certain lifestyle expectations are required by owners and users.
  16. The natural environment is to be preserved by practicing recycling where possible.
  17. Attendance at Church Service functions is encouraged during public events.
  18. Persons responsible for willful damage to camp property will be required to reimburse Bethel Park Camp for such losses.
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